5 Things to START & STOP doing in the New Year

By Bethany | Dec 27, 2018 | 5 things new year new year post

Your entire day is made up of seemingly insignificant decisions and habits.  And those seemingly insignificant decisions make up your entire life.  So if you want to change your life, change your days.

Here are 5 things to START doing:

1.  Get moving - Move your body 10-20 minutes a day.  That's not a long time.  Some of you may do more than that, but wherever you are on the "fitness" spectrum, set a realistic goal.  Go for a walk, practice yoga with me or anybody for that matter.  Just move yo body!  You only have this one!  Make sure you take care of it.

2.  Quiet Time - Set aside some time every day to spend with God, meditate, read or journal.  I've been getting up 25 minutes earlier than what I normally do...which is now my new normal.  I read my devotional, my Bible, pray and sit quietly.  I do all of that in 25-30 minutes and it has made the biggest difference in my days.

It's so important to get quiet, be still, be thankful, process emotions and reflect.  

And for those days that I don't want to get up, I jump out of bed faster.  I am getting to the point where I refuse to break promises to myself so I just do it!

3.  Read Personal Development Books - Trade in your fiction novel for a Self-Development book.  This goes back to those seemingly insignificant things you do everyday that can push you towards or away from your goals.

The fantasy novel isn't necessarily bad...unless youre running away from your reality, which is a whole other blog.  But how would making that small change (from Fantasy to Self Development) affect your life in the long run?  Over time, the knowledge you obtain from the self development book is going to far outweight the few minutes of fiction.

Another reason it's good to read self development books is because it's hard for the brain to believe something it hasn't seen before.  So when you read about people who have done what you've done, it becomes believable for you.

Check out my Top 10 Self Development books here.

4.  Begin audibly stating your goals as if you've already accomplished them.  - This sounds silly and kind of out there, but as a Believer, God tells us to pray as if we've already received what we're asking for so, for me, this wasn't too far of a stretch to start doing.  

It's hard for your brain to differentiate between reality and fiction.  Imagine yourself in a movie theater watching a scary movie.  You know that you are in a safe theater and the movie isn't real.  But what happens when the music changes and the suspense picks up and the guy jumps out from behind the door?!?!  You jump!

So if you start repeating your goals as if you've already accomplished them, your brain will start to believe it and your body will start moving in that direction.  Ideas will come, you will stay motivated and it will become a reality much quicker than if you don't.  Repeat it 30Xs a day.

For example:

"I love that my Instagram following is up to 10,000 followers."

"Thank you God that my new business is making $8,000 a month."

"I am so grateful that my non profit is impacting thousands of women."

5.  Eat your frog!  Have you read that book?  In a nutshell, it means to do the thing you are dreading first thing that day!  Get the workout in, make the phone call, push "Go live" and just get it over with!  The rest of your day will be a breeze if you just "eat that frog."

5 things to STOP DOING in the New Year:

1.  Stop procrastinating -  I believe the biggest reason people procrastinate is FEAR.  Never let fear dictate what you do and don't do in this life.  Just do it and see what happens!  You might shock yourself and knock "it" out of the park.  Or you might bomb completely but you'll learn from it.  Been there, done that (this week).  And guess what?!?!  I didn't die!

2.  Fail forward - Failure is inevitable, but it doesn't mean the end.  

I recently sent out an email to my entire email list calling myself an "hornery old lady."   So they either read it quickly as "horny old lady" or they think I can't spell.  Either way, I had a decision to make:  Freak out or Laugh it off.  It took me a solid 30 seconds with my eyes wide just sitting at my desk, letting the words "I think you meant ornery" sink in before I decided that it was actually quite funny.

So instead of melting into a pool of humiliation and vow to never send another email again, I turned it into social media gold and showed people that I'm human.

I also learned to proofread better.

3.  Say No / Say Yes - When you say No, to one thing you are saying yes to something else.

Say NO to those people, places and things that drain you, steal energy from you, and are dangerous to your mental and emotional health.  

I had a girl consistently ask me to sell essential oils.  I remember how hard it was for me to say "no" the first time.   I really liked this girl and wanted to help her in any way that I could but I also didn't want to sell essential oils.  People actually respect you when you say no.  This girl had enough security to understand that my "no" to selling essential oils, didn't mean I was saying "no" to her and her friendship and her worth.  Every time she asked me after that was practice in saying no and every time I felt more empowered.  

On the other side of this, we are adults, and there are times when we have to do things we don't particularly want to do.  Do I want to sit in the freezing cold to watch my child lose another soccer game?  Absolutely not.  But I say yes anyway because she's worth it.

It's ok to put other people's desires in front of your own, but NOT AT THE DETRIMENT of your own well being.

4.  Dream Bigger - If your dream doesn't scare you, it's not big enough.  You should be a little hesitant to share your dream with someone else.  And if they look at you like you're crazy, then you're onto something.  

If you're dream is something you can accomplish on your own, it's not big enough.  Dream so big you need God and a team of people helping you accomplish it!

5.  Heal. - If you don't heal from childhood or past hurts, it's going to be hard to stay motivated and focused on your goals.  If you're still walking around with open wounds, it's going to be hard to not be offended when someone comes along trying to help you and give you advice.

A friend of mine and I had the same mentor. And when I talked to my friend, she was so emotionally beat up and exhausted from talking to our mentor that she eventually cut ties with her.  She said she couldn't mentally handle it anymore.  This BLEW MY MIND because we had the SAME mentor.  The difference?  I took everything our mentor said as gold and my friend took it as a personal attack.

Healing it necessary if we are to be all God has created us to be.  It can be a painful and arduous process, depending on the extent of the trauma, but if you push through, it will be your greatest testimony and a song of HOPE to others.  And it will be one less thing holding you back from those big scary, God-given dreams inside of you.

Happy New Year friends!  

Comment below what you are going to implement into your days that will ultimately change your life!



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