A Mother's Day Post

By Bethany | May 10, 2018 | mom mothers day

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting the woman above, then your life is not complete and I need to introduce ya'll immediately!  

 This is my mom, Sandra.  She is the most influential woman in my life.  She is a Prayer Warrior in every sense of the word.  She’s a little ole thing but she’s a powerhouse… 

 And this is where the words stop and the tears take over.  It’s always been a challenge to put into words what she means to me.


So I'll tell you a story: 

Circa 1999.  I was in high school and too sassy for my own britches.  My mom and I had gotten into a fight (typical) and I decided to leave.  I slam the back door, hop in my car, crank it up, yell "THAT B*&#@!" and flew down my driveway headed for a friend's house.  It wasn't long before I see a bright red Camaro flying up behind me and I all of a sudden realize my window is down. 

I sit a little taller and gulp down the nerves that were forming in my throat.  She flies up behind me and into the opposite lane.  I look over and she is clearly mouthing the words “PULL OVER” and wildly gesturing the same thing.  

I pull over and she pulls in behind me, gets out, marches here 5'1" butt up to my window and says "Don't you ever call me that again!", walks back to her car and leaves me on the side of the road, speechless, a little scared and wondering what in the world just happened.   

And she uses that same tenacity and feistiness when battling the Devil for me (and my siblings) for years.  She isn't one to stand by and let the Devil has his way with her kids and now grandkids.  She just won't stand for it. 

She didn't do everything right.  Who does?  But she fought for us.    She entered into her prayer closet armed with her Bible and the Holy Spirit and she went to war…over and over again.  And I guarantee you the Devil was left speechless, a little scared and wondering what in the world just happened every. single. time.  

I am who I am today and I am where I am because of her.  

Thank you Mom for loving me unconditionally and teaching me to be a Warrior.  I love you.  



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