God Speaks

By Bethany | Nov 14, 2019 | Uncategorized

I got up at 5:10 a.m. like I normally do for my quiet time.  After a few weeks of what I call unproductive quiet time, I had a come to Jesus meeting with the man himself.  “I don’t feel you.  I feel like you’re a million miles away and I keep telling you this but all I hear are crickets.  Are you even there?”

A client that I was meeting with that day messaged me and asked if Yoga and Music was a thing because she’s really been into this worship album by Maverick City Music.  She then sent me the Real Thing youtube video.

I sat in the Publix parking lot, tears streaming down my face because it was God’s answer to my questions from earlier.  He was speaking directly to me:

“Baby steps my child

To you it may be nothing, but you make Daddy proud

Your weakness is only my strength

I know you’ve got your questions

but I’m closer than you think, I promise."

That morning I was telling him I didn’t feel him and by the end of the song, I was overwhelmed by his love for me. 

It blows my mind that the Creator of the Universe 1.  Wants to speak to me.  2.  Would orchestrate a scenario to where I could hear him. - He’s always speaking, I just don't always listen.  I love that he knows that and still pursues a conversation with me.

“I see you right where you are and

I’m holding on to your heart.”

This song has been on repeat for weeks. 

Check it out if you need some LOVE!



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