Hanging On By A Thread?

By Bethany | Jun 24, 2018 | hang on hanging on motivation

Ever feel like you’re hanging on by a thread?

Me too!  Been hanging on for a few weeks. I’m not the best wife, mother or teacher when I’m in this “space” so I know I can’t stay there long. 

So below are a few tips that are getting me through and maybe they'll help you too.  If you're not in a space that requires "hanging on", then save this for later....because life.  

  • Recognize you’re in this space - being AWARE of something, gives us the opportunity to do something about it. Otherwise, we’re allowing our emotions to dictate our words and actions. And when we're in a stressed out state, allowing our emotions to dictate anything isn't good.👇🏼


  • When our negative emotions dictate our words or actions, apologize.  When we make a mistake and snap at those closest to us, we should do everything we can to make it right.  It's really just the adult thing to do.  And if you've snapped at your children, apologizing to them shows them to take responsibility for their actions.


  • LET GO of some things.  Let go of things that, normally, are harmless, but may be a distraction for you RIGHT NOW.  Most people DO MORE because they don’t want to deal with the root issue of what’s going on.  That’s a very dangerous thing to do.  Feelings buried alive, don’t die.  (Think about that.) I've had to let go of some lunch dates and group chats and not be on social media as much bc those things were adding stress and were distracting me from what I really need to be focusing on right now.


  • Have someone close to you pray for you...someone you trust...someone who has your best interest at heart.  Trust me, it works!!!  If you don't typically pray, try it anyway!  That's what I tell my students in class when they get to a new pose!  Try it and see!  It might work.  It might not.  But you don't have anything to lose and a whole lot of peace (or a handstand) to gain.  If you don't have anyone close to you that you trust, you can respond to this email and I will pray for you.

Hang in there guys!  You’re stronger than you know

Until next time, 



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