Lessons I learned in my 20s.

By Bethany | May 06, 2018 | growth self development yoga
 From September 25, 2013

What I learned in my 20's & why I'm embracing my 30's

1.  Self-Development is key!  You have to want to be better...to do better.  Don’t think you already know it all!  So put the trashy novel down because you’re husband hasn’t given you enough affection and pick up a book on how to pray, how to be an effective leader; pick up a book on Dreaming BIG or how to learn Italian.  Never stop learning!

2.  Embrace your body and share it with your husband....often!  It will make you a happier couple, not just because he’ll be happy....but I promise, you’ll be happier too.

3.  Being emotional is OK!  Embrace it!  It means you have a big ole heart and you’re not afraid to let people see it.  So when someone says “You are so dramatic.”  Just say “Thank you.”  

4.  Do NOT be led my those emotions!  Be emotional, but know that emotions and feelings come and go like the ocean’s tide.  Don’t be knocked around by them.  Stand firm in what is TRUE.  

5.  Being rebellious is OK!  In my mid teens to early 20s I was rebellious for all the wrong things.  But that rebellious personality is a God given trait...you just need to direct that energy to combat evil and to do good.  (Thank you Shannon)

6.  When you believe in something, don’t let ANYONE tell you “I sure hope it works out that way for you.”  Use that aforesaid rebellious personality to prove them wrong. 

7.  Do not underestimate the power of prayer.  Know that God adores you and wants to talk to you and wants good for you.  

8.  Read the Bible and NEVER question what God’s will is for you.  It’s all right there.  I believe people use “If it’s God’s will” as an “out” in the event things don’t work out the way they hope.  BE BOLD and claim those promises RIGHT NOW!  

9.  When things are tough....dance.  Seriously, it doesn’t matter how pissed off or sad you are, if you put on some funky music and dance around like the free spirit you are, you will feel soooo much better.  AND it pisses the devil off and we rebels love to piss the bad guys off!  

10.  Be humbly confident.  Drop the ego and get a full understanding of who you are and who you were created to be.  You gotta know how freaking awesome you are; yet how small you are all at the same time.  How insignificantly significant you are.  Once you grasp that, insecurities seem to melt away and you are FREE to be you.

11.  You can only change you.  I repeat.....YOU can only change YOU! 

12.  You are not responsible for anyone else’s way of being, actions, emotions, etc. That shhhhh is for the birds!  Decide right now not to take that on.  

13.  Love is not enough to keep a marriage going.  There are certain skills a couple must learn to be successful in marriage.  Effective communication is #1!  

14.  Do YOGA!

15.  It’s not all about you....Say wha?!?!?!  I am the baby of 4 so this was a pretty hard pill to swallow!  Trust me, it’s not always easy, but I promise you’ll be much happier because of it.  

16.  Know that you can choose your thoughts.  You can choose to think on certain things.  Once you realize where your thoughts have taken you, you can choose to stop thinking about it or continue.  Embrace the power in choosing your thoughts and choose wisely.  

17.  Your past does not define you.   

18.  Take care of your body NOW!  Don’t wait until you have a “problem area.”  You have only one body, strengthen it, put good things into it and stop smoking.  

19.  Have your children rate you as a parent from time to time.  Parents can really screw their kids up...unintentionally, of course, but screwed up nonetheless.  You may be doing something that will affect him/her for the rest of her life and not even know it, so every now and then ask them to rate you.  So far, my girls’ only complaint is that I don’t give them enough candy.  WINNING!!

20.  If you’re angry at God, let him know.  He’s a big boy and can take anything you throw at him.  He appreciates your honesty.

21.  Forget about trying to impress people and inspire them instead. 

22.  Being pretty on the inside is WAY more important than being pretty on the outside

BONUS:  When your going through a hard time, surround yourself with people who are going to hold you accountable, people who aren’t just going to tell you what you want to hear, but people who are going to speak truth into your life.  
Thank you to all of my family and friends who held me accountable, prayed like crazy, spoke truth into my life, jerked a knot in my tail, supported me, ran with me, danced with me, cried with me and LOVED me.  


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