T-Rex Hates Chaturanga!

By Bethany | May 06, 2018 | asana chaturanga form plank yoga

T-Rex may hate chaturanga, but if you’ve ever taken a class from me, either online or in person, you know I LOVE em!

{If you’re accidentally stumbled upon this page and are wondering what a chaturanga is….it’s not Mexican food!}

Chaturanga is the pose that follows Plank and precedes UpDog in a typical vinyasa or Ashtanga class.  Still don’t get it?  Okay, think of a plank.  Now lower halfway to the floor, that’s a chaturanga.

Chaturanga is NOT a transition!  It is an actual pose.  If we call Chaturanga a transition then we have to consider every pose sandwiched between two other poses as transitions also.  And that’s not the case.  It’s a pose, so we STOP halfway between plank and Updog, where our elbows are beautifully stacked over the wrist and the shoulders and perfectly in line with the elbows.

Right now your chaturanga might be a transition…like a slow descent to the ground.  Treat it like it’s an actual pose and resist the ground as you lower.  Do that NOW, so you can get to that perfectly aligned chaturanga faster!  And then grab yourself a strap and check out my NEW Chaturanga Tip on Youtube and get ready for your mind to be BLOWN!




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