Watch Yo Mouth!

By Bethany | Nov 12, 2018 | lemon motivation words

I want you to think about the sourest lemon you've ever tasted.  Like an actual lemon, not a metaphorical one.  Now pick up that lemon and squeeze it.  Watch the juice trickle out.  Imagine sinking your teeth into it.  

What kind of physical reaction are you having right now?  Is your mouth watering?  Did your lips pucker up?  Science calls this a conditioned response.  It's a physical reaction triggered by a mental stimulus.  

Our lives are filled with conditioned responses like that.  Each one of us has tons of reactions that, through repeated experiences, have become totally automatic.  In yoga, we call these samskaras.  They're like grooves in the brain and each time we have the same reaction, that groove gets deeper and deeper.

There are triggers you use that will affect your spirit surely as the thought of that lemon affected your body.  Those triggers are WORDS!  

Words (even the words you speak to yourself) are seemingly little things that will produce BIG results.  They put into motion the inner workings of your spirit.  Words trigger faith or fear, joy or despair, courage or discouragement.  It works whether you are aware of it or not.  What does all of this have to do with a conditioned response?  Well, tune in to how you speak to yourself and the many, many phrases and expressions you use automatically?  Ugh, it's Monday already...My memory gets worse and worse every year...If it weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all." 

I used to have a conditioned response to twisting chair pose.  I hated it and every time the teacher would call it my mind would go to every negative response you can think of, until one day I changed it.  "Bethany, you love this pose.  No one has ever died in twisting chair.  You can do this.  She can't hold you here forever, the class is only an hour long.  You're a rockstar"  And by the time I finished mentally pumping myself up, I was out of the pose and it was never as bad as before.

This goes the same for those big dreams you have that maybe your bank account doesn't match up with.  Or the relationship that can't seem to get on track.  How are you going to keep thinking about those situations?  If we go off of our current reality, we wouldn't have much at times.  But if we can start thinking of those things differently and speaking faith over them, we will see them change!

I would like to challenge you today, to start tuning in to those conditioned responses and actively pull a new trigger.  Condition yourself in such a way that in every situation you are responding with faith instead of disbelief.  You'll be glad you did.



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