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Faith - when you’re “hope so” becomes a “be so.” - Andy Stanley

We are in a new series at church called Fresh Faith.  Our pastor shared a scripture I’ve never heard before and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Before I share what that scripture is, let me give you a quick, little backstory:

Abraham is called the Father of many nations and the Father of Faith because when God instructed him to “leave your household, your country and your father’s house to the land I will show you…”, (Gen 12:1) he did.  He obeyed and by faith took his family to Canaan, the Promised Land and received all the benefits and promises God had for him.

So here’s the scripture that was shared with us on Sunday:

“Terah took his son Abram (later named Abraham), his grandson Lot, son of Haran, and his daughter-in-law Sarai, the wife of his son Abram, and together they set out from Ur of the Chaldeans to go to Canaan. ...

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5 Things to START & STOP doing in the New Year

Your entire day is made up of seemingly insignificant decisions and habits.  And those seemingly insignificant decisions make up your entire life.  So if you want to change your life, change your days.

Here are 5 things to START doing:

1.  Get moving - Move your body 10-20 minutes a day.  That's not a long time.  Some of you may do more than that, but wherever you are on the "fitness" spectrum, set a realistic goal.  Go for a walk, practice yoga with me or anybody for that matter.  Just move yo body!  You only have this one!  Make sure you take care of it.

2.  Quiet Time - Set aside some time every day to spend with God, meditate, read or journal.  I've been getting up 25 minutes earlier than what I normally do...which is now my new normal.  I read my devotional, my Bible, pray and sit quietly.  I do all of that in 25-30 minutes and it has made the biggest difference in my days.

It's so important to get...

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My Top 10 Personal Development Books

Whether you call them "Self Help" books or "Personal Development" books, learning from others and reading about different perspectives is never a bad thing.  

I believe people who sarcastically call them Self Help books (I know a few!) are either bitter because you're trying to get help/learn or they're too arrogant to learn from others.

Reading for 10 minutes a day is one of the things I'm going to be talking about in my next blog: "5 things to Do and 5 things to Stop doing in the New Year."  

And when I say "read everyday", I'm not just talking about any old book.  Put down the trash or the fantasy novels that take you away from your reality.  Read books that are going to inspire you, push you towards your goals and make you a better person.

So here are a few of my faves:

If you would like to purchase any of these books, click this link.

1.  The Bible - God:  For me, this one is kind of a no brainer.  As a huge fan and...

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Just Start Already

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Just start.  

I am moving into online content and that requires video recording.  Well you have to have equipment and lighting and space to do that.  None of which I have.  And I could easily say "I'll start when I can afford that really nice camera" or "I'll start when I have a home with enough space for me to record" and I could go on and on about the things that I "need" to get started.  

The thing is we don't actually need that much to get started.  So for the longest time, I packed up a table and plants and my computer and my microphone and hauled it all to my friend's studio 20 minutes away.  Unpacked it all and recorded for hours on my little ole iphone 7.

Driving and hauling all of that around has since become tiresome, so I moved my "dining room" table into my kitchen, took a massive canvas painting of my child off the wall, took the shade off my lamp and created a tiny little "office" where I could record.  And no one will...

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Watch Yo Mouth!

I want you to think about the sourest lemon you've ever tasted.  Like an actual lemon, not a metaphorical one.  Now pick up that lemon and squeeze it.  Watch the juice trickle out.  Imagine sinking your teeth into it.  

What kind of physical reaction are you having right now?  Is your mouth watering?  Did your lips pucker up?  Science calls this a conditioned response.  It's a physical reaction triggered by a mental stimulus.  

Our lives are filled with conditioned responses like that.  Each one of us has tons of reactions that, through repeated experiences, have become totally automatic.  In yoga, we call these samskaras.  They're like grooves in the brain and each time we have the same reaction, that groove gets deeper and deeper.

There are triggers you use that will affect your spirit surely as the thought of that lemon affected your body.  Those triggers are WORDS!  

Words (even the words you speak...

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Mental Disorders and Healing (part 2)

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Mental Disorders and Healing (part 1)

I remember the day I got the diagnoses. “You have bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety.”  She explained what those were and interestingly enough, I thought, “Phew! I’m actually NOT crazy!”  This thing has a name. Now I can do something about it.

The medication stabled me out for the most part. But there were times, that the antipsychotics made me feel like a stranger looking from the outside. There were times i couldn’t speak either bc the words came out like i was drunk or I was too scared they would. I was in at least 5 fender benders/wrecks during that time.  And unfortunately, it didn’t ward off all manic phases.

But let me tell you about an even better day: the day the bipolar, the depression and the anxiety left me. It was the morning after days of feeling manic. The depression hit hard. I had overslept, missed a meeting and my daughter had gotten herself up and fixed herself “breakfast” and was...

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Take time to REST

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I just had the most amazing weekend in the Country.  If you ever hear me talk about "the country," I'm referring to my in laws place in Denmark, South Carolina.  It sits on 100 acres.  The home was built after Sherman came through in the late 1800's and it has an old barn next to it that will some day be my Yoga Barn.

You can't see anything but land and trees from both porches.  I haven't always appreciated this place, but now it's my place to unwind, relax and be in nature.  And it's free!

I scheduled this weekend a long time ago knowing I  would need some time to REST after the Empowerment Tour and Westobou weekends.  I called it The Do Nothing Weekend.  (I know, super creative right?!?!  I'm more of a literal thinker than outside the box.)

I sat on the back porch Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and watched the sunrise.  As the sun was rising, a big buck decided to take his morning stroll within 30 yards of me.  I...

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Work from Purpose, NOT unmet needs.

Ever feel like you're constantly behind?  Is your work stressing you out to the point that it's ALL you can think about?  If so, been there, done that!

I'm an extreprenuer, so the only deadlines I have are the ones I make up.  The only projects I have are the ones I want to do.  

My Flow to Go program was my first BIG project and it almost killed me.  I'm grateful for that experience because it showed me that I CAN DO HARD THINGS, but once it was finally done, I spent some time in reflection.  

I know doing something for the first time is hard.  There's a learning curve that has to take place and most people don't follow their dreams because of that very thing.  But there was something different about this project that made me feel like I was losing it.  Why did I feel the need to stare at a computer for HOURS, REFUSING to be done until I figured this one thing out?  Why did pushing the launch date out a month make me feel sad and...

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Hanging On By A Thread?

Ever feel like you’re hanging on by a thread?

Me too!  Been hanging on for a few weeks. I’m not the best wife, mother or teacher when I’m in this “space” so I know I can’t stay there long. 

So below are a few tips that are getting me through and maybe they'll help you too.  If you're not in a space that requires "hanging on", then save this for later....because life.  

  • Recognize you’re in this space - being AWARE of something, gives us the opportunity to do something about it. Otherwise, we’re allowing our emotions to dictate our words and actions. And when we're in a stressed out state, allowing our emotions to dictate anything isn't good.


  • When our negative emotions dictate our words or actions, apologize.  When we make a mistake and snap at those closest to us, we should do everything we can to make it right.  It's really just the adult thing to do.  And if you've snapped at your...
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