5 Things to START & STOP doing in the New Year

Your entire day is made up of seemingly insignificant decisions and habits.  And those seemingly insignificant decisions make up your entire life.  So if you want to change your life, change your days.

Here are 5 things to START doing:

1.  Get moving - Move your body 10-20 minutes a day.  That's not a long time.  Some of you may do more than that, but wherever you are on the "fitness" spectrum, set a realistic goal.  Go for a walk, practice yoga with me or anybody for that matter.  Just move yo body!  You only have this one!  Make sure you take care of it.

2.  Quiet Time - Set aside some time every day to spend with God, meditate, read or journal.  I've been getting up 25 minutes earlier than what I normally do...which is now my new normal.  I read my devotional, my Bible, pray and sit quietly.  I do all of that in 25-30 minutes and it has made the biggest difference in my days.

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