Bandha Wha?!?!

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Your core is much more than the 6-pack we strive so hard (or not so hard) to get.  There’s a layer of muscles behind that called your Transverse Abdominals.  These muscles, along with your hip flexors, are deep core muscles that are needed to obtain that “effortless” float to and from the top of your mat or to press into a handstand.  So if these muscles are so deep, how do we engage them?!?!?  So glad you asked.  In yoga, we use a little thing we call bandhas.  Bandha literally translates to “lock” or to “hold”.  Essentially, we engage a part of the body that allows for a deeper core engagement and where we lock, or hold, energy in and up.  We have three bandhas in the body, but for the sake of core engagement, I am only going to discuss two: Uddiyana and Mula Bandha.

Mula Bandha is located at the base of your pelvis, the perineum.  Stay with me here!  You engage this area by lifting...

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