Just Show UP!

I held a Community Yoga event the other day.  It was in a public location and open to all!  We had 30 people there.  A guy comes walking in whom I've never met before.  I greeted him and asked him if he had ever practiced yoga before, to which he replied, "never."  I was immediately impressed.

I hear excuses all day long as to why people won't try yoga.  I can see how some people think it's intimidating, so I don't mean any judgement when I say it's an excuse.  I'm just calling it what it is.

BUT here's the good news:  There are so many different styles of yoga.  Not everyone loves dripping sweat and getting upside down every chance they can get.  Maybe yin or restorative yoga is more your pace.  Maybe attention to detail and alignment is more your thing.  There are so many types of yoga, there's a place for everyone!  

I told "the new guy", which is what we will affectionately call him, that so...

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