5 Tips to Handstand

It's no secret that I love me some handstands.  But what I love even more is helping someone else get there.  To see their face when they get that one second of hang time is priceless.  But here’s the deal.  There’s only so many tips and cues that I can give you.  There’s only so many tutorials you can watch and workshops you can go to.  Your best bet to get you standing on your hands is to stand on your hands!  With a wall.  Without a wall.  It doesn’t matter.  There is no substitute for practice.  You have to feel it yourself.  And once you get that little taste of hang time….it’s all over.  You’ll be hand standing everywhere and throwing handstand hashtags around like confetti: #handstandjunkie #handstandseveryday

Here are some tips to help you get #upsidedown.

5 Tips to handstand:

  1. Strong hands AND flexible wrist.  This is probably the most important because your...
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