Mental Disorders and Healing (part 1)

I remember the day I got the diagnoses. “You have bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety.”  I actually felt better hearing it.  She explained what those were and i thought “Phew! I’m actually NOT crazy!”  This thing has a name. Now we can do something about it.

The medication stabled me out for the most part. But there were times, that the antipsychotics made me feel like a stranger looking from the outside. There were times i couldn’t speak either bc the words came out like i was drunk or i was too scared they would. I was in at least 5 fender benders/wrecks during that time.  And unfortunately, it didn’t ward off all manic phases.

But let me tell you about an even better day: the day the bipolar, the depression and the anxiety left me. It was the morning after days of feeling manic. The depression hit hard. I had overslept, missed a meeting and my daughter had gotten herself up and fixed herself...

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Deadly Thoughts

The mind: it can be a crazy, dark, beautiful, chaotic, place.  The mind is an amazingly complex organ that not only runs your body but can greatly affect your life and determine your future. Every action you take begins with a single thought.  I remember when the thought “you’re a lost cause”popped into my head after a week of bad decisions.  That’s the night I tried to take my own life. 
I genuinely trusted and loved God.  I was going to church, part of a small group and actively involved.  But something wasn’t quite right.  Why couldn’t I “be good”consistently?!?!  If you’ve read my previous blog, you know I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety (so that explained a lot).  In one of my weakest moments, Satan saw the perfect opportunity to attack.  I was mentally weak and felt absolutely nothing on the inside.  He didn’t come to me in a...
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