Emotional Maturity = Spiritual Growth

"You cannot Spiritually outgrow your Emotional Maturity"

 - Kim Honeycutt

I was chatting with my friend and Psychotherapist, Kim Honeycutt, the other day.  She is going to be speaking again at this year's Empowerment Tour and she dropped this little nugget of truth on me and blew my mind wide open.

I ruminated on it all day and here are my thoughts: 

Constantly being offended and taking things personally is a sign of emotional immaturity. Blaming others and making assumptions about what someone said/did and allowing that assumption to bring on anxiety is a sign of emotional immaturity. The emotionally immature Christian can read the Bible front to back and church it up every Sunday but will never be able to spiritually outgrow where they are emotionally.  Saying “emotionally immature” sounds harsh but you don’t know what you don’t know. So no judgements. I’ve been there. (Still am on a lot of things, I’m sure!)


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