Feeling Unmotivated?!?

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I’ve been super unmotivated lately.  I posted about it on Instagram.  I was actually referring to just IG in that post but if I’m honest, I’ve been unmotivated in every area of my life.  The house feels overwhelming and I don’t want to do anything about it.  I have feelings of resentment and aggravation towards the other people who share this space with me, bless their hearts.  I haven’t wanted to send an email because I have nothing to say in it.  I’m not inspired.  I’m not feeling creative.  I’m struggling to focus.  And the only work that’s not overwhelming me is the Law Office because I have clear tasks and someone else telling me what to do.  Cue the violin.

But I got some really nice feedback from my IG folks and here are the two things that stuck out the most:

1.  I might be experiencing burnout.  

So I googled “burnout” and well that makes sense....

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