Flow to Go

A 30 day program designed to help you create a strong home practice. This program will give you all the tools you need to practice, stay motivated and see results.

What's Included:

- 3+ hours of Yoga - Tools to help you succeed - Results

Happy Hips and Hammies

30 min flow focusing on all things hips and hamstrings.   


30 min flow focusing on strengthening the back body and opening up the front body to go deeper in our backbends.  

Core + More

20 min class focusing on your Core plus a little more. ;)

The Extras:

 - Calendar - lets you know what to do each day.

 - Private Facebook group - a community of those who purchased the program to help each other stay motivated and focused for the month.

 - PDF's - Includes pictures of the main poses in each session, along with alignment cues, variations and modifications.

- Restorative Yoga Session

- 1 hr. Final Flow - Let's end the month with a BANG with this 1 hr class!  

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