Flow to Go

Guaranteed to make you stronger and more flexible in 1 month.  And you don't even have to leave your house.

What's Included:

- 3+ hours of Yoga in 5 classes.
- Tools to help you succeed
- Results

Happy Hips and Hammies

30 min flow that moves the hips in all 6 directions and opens the hamstrings.   


30 min flow focusing on strengthening the back body and opening up the front body to go deeper in our backbends.  

Core + More

20 min Flow!  Your core is way more than the 6 pack so many strive to obtain.  In this class we focus on deep core muscles such as the transverse abdominals and the psoas.

The Extras:

 - Calendar - lets you know what to do each day.

 - Private Facebook group - a community of those who purchased the program to help each other stay motivated and focused for the month.

 - PDF's - Includes pictures of the main poses in each session, along with alignment cues, variations and modifications.

- Restorative Yoga Session

- 1 hr. Final Flow - Let's end the month with a BANG with this 1 hr class!  

Get the Flow to Go Program

"What would I do without Bethany and her Flow to Go program? I'm pretty busy so it's hard to find time to stick with my practice. These flows are quick and effective and I can do them at home in my pjs if I want! Thank you for creating this program!"

Morgan Cravey, TX

"Not going to lie, I didn't want to do this one because backbends aren't my favorite, but I have to say I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this flow! I think the key for me is a proper warm-up, and this has all the bases covered. Great flow Bethany! I'm looking forward to monitoring my progress when I do these continuously. And the PDFs are so pretty!"

Jennifer McGruter, CA

"I walk behind her just so I can enjoy the view!"

Husband of Laurel Mead
Proud Husband

"I have been doing "Flow to Go" at home for about a year. I do Happy Hips & Hams, Backbends, Core & More, and one of your Core videos one day a week each. The 20-30 minute daily sessions for home are perfect for me."

Laurel Mead

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