Instagram Mastermind Course

This course will teach you how to boost engagement and grow your following on Instagram.

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In this Course you will Learn:

How To: Create a theme for your page, Collaborate with others, Get featured by big brands, Take better pictures, Get really good at Instagram Stories. The course includes 5 Videoes + 2 PDFs + Facebook group.

“Before Bethany's IG Mastermind Course I wasn't sure how to make the most out of my page.  Bethany helped me realize that people want authenticity and she gave me the tools to deliver that.  Before the course, I didn't know how to use the algorithm to make sure my posts were being seen.  Now I feel confident in the content I create and have the courage to reach out to oher people to collaborate.  I started with 500 followers and now have 4,500!”
— Brooke Bonfadini

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