Your Host, Bethany Smith, E-RYT

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety, Bethany had no way of dealing with what was going on inside her...until yoga.  She knew early into her practice that what yoga was doing for her on the outside, was doing the same on the inside.  God gave her the gift of yoga to get her to a place where He could heal her.  And he did.

In 2016, she created the Empowerment Tour.  Birthed out of a desire to create a space where women could come together and move their bodies and leave with not just inspiration, but real tools to live powerfully on and off the mat.


Breakout sessions + Yoga + Worship


This is not an event JUST FOR YOGIS!  This is an event for YOU!

CEUs for Yoga Alliance Available

Why Yoga?

Because yoga is a practice that brings together the mind, body and spirit.  It also forces us to be still and “with” whatever comes up.  The mind, body and spirit are affected when we experience trauma, which we all have on some level.  I believe you must engage all three of those things to fully heal and to grow.  

2019 Dates TBD

@ Redemption Church, Augusta, GA.


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